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Our Story: Nourishing Dreams, Changing Lives

At Magick Milk, we believe that every child deserves the best start in life. Every parent deserves the freedom to make the right choices for their little ones. Our founder’s desire to breastfeed exclusively was met with the reality of poor milk production, prompting her to search for a middle ground between breastmilk and commercially prepared powdered formulas.

The goal was quite clear: develop a formula that provides all the same benefits as breast milk right out of the kitchen. Hence, the idea for Magick Milk came from a desire to help new moms and dads out by giving them a safe and healthy alternative to store-bought formulae.

We’re here to help moms and other caregivers feel empowered to provide the best for their families by providing for their health.

Magickal Elixirs

Enjoy Nature’s Nourishment


Our Happy Customers

Magick Milk has nourished my child and empowered me as a mother. I love choosing my baby’s food and knowing it’s as near to breastmilk as possible. This formula exactly matches my belief in nature’s strength and harmony.

Lily George

Lily George

I’m so thankful for Magick Milk! I was discouraged and worried about my baby’s nutrition as a new mother with limited milk production. I found this wonderful formula, which changed everything. It’s truly ‘exactly like breastfeeding.

Sophia Henry

Sophia Henry

I’m not a parent, but I have a hectic life, and being healthy is vital for me. I had to try Magick Milk after hearing about its nourishing effects. So glad I did! It’s delicious, natural, and invigorating.

Bob Lucas

Bob Lucas

New Delights – Stay Tuned!

Nature's Secret Potion

Magick Milk

This is a brand new product on the market and is subject to
a three-phase roll out. First, we will be opening our storefront for
local pickup only, serving Richmond, Virginia. Next phase is local delivery,
also available in the Richmond, Virginia and surrounding areas. Third and
fourth phase is domestic and international shipping. We appreciate your

It’s more than a ‘just like breastmilk’ formula. It’s a heartfelt dream to provide the best to infants and grown-ups.


The Village (our Mother’s and Caregiver’s Haven) is located at 4821 Old Main Street, Henrico, VA 23231

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